A leap of fashion! Artist Eva Meenhorst explains how she launched a fashion career swapping her paintings for clothing

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Eva decorated this beautiful stylish white blouse with animal prints and one of her dancers. Colours of the dancer (or any other image) could be matching with the black and golden colours, but could be of any other colour also. This blouse comes in M and L. Price: £110     Bonus: After washing there’s no need to iron.


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This stunning woolen gilet is a very versatile all season ‘must-have’. In the left picture it is shown as a skirt, gilet, cape and dress. The wool makes it nice and cozy to wear it (layered) in fall and winter. However since it is sleeveless and easy to just ‘trow on’, you could definitely wear this in spring and (European) summer too. It’s good travel companion because of it’s non creasing! It is available in red, beige and black and different colours of paint. One size. Price: £150


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This gilet is the same as the one mentioned above, but because of the a different painting on it you could wear it during more formal occasions. Of course you could wear it casually too but the painting makes it unique as a dress with a belt. The gilets above are decorated by a painting of a female silhouette on it, but any painting and any colour paint is possible. The wool is very soft, warm and it doesn’t crease. Colours available: black, red, beige. Price: £95  

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This beautiful grey viscose-elastine Wrap here featured with a tiger print lining is an excellent ‘full year round’ item. You could wear this mulitfunctional Wrap in 4 different ways: 1. A shawl (main picture) 2. You could make two sleeves and wear it as a kind of ‘loose bolero’ when combining it with a dress for example (middle picture)  3. You could button it up like a kind of cardigan. 4 Finally why not wear it as a fashionable poncho, picture on the far right.  The wrap comes in One size. You can choose any colour lining and images. Price: £150

HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN? Choose a dress style, a colour and image(s) and let’s talk! Leave your email address or your phone number hereunder (Leave a reply) and we’ll get straight back to you! 

10 Commentsto Art-Wear

  1. I own a few pieces of Eva’s bespoke artwear and as unique pieces, they always turn heads. Eva & I consulted one the type of design I should wear & I trusted Eva to interpret that & create something dynamic & wearable. Each piece is bespoke and personal to the wearer, whether it’s Eva’s jeans, tees, shirts or ponchos, each item is unique. I adore mine & people always stop to ask about them when I wear them, it’s such a great way to combine art and fashion and still have something unique to you. Also, Eva is awesome xxx

  2. Deborah says:

    Eva just keeps evolving and getting better and better, i now own many pieces of Artwear and feel so special every time i wear a piece, my favourite item at the moment i may add is my new poncho, i can wear it so many ways:-) I am a very happy girl feeling very individual in her art wear .


    What a wonderful designer Eva is!! I absolutely love my gilet it’s so unique and something i will have many moments of great pleasure wearing!! Eva really takes the time to get to know her clients and exactly what they require. A very talented lady who i highly recommend 100%

  4. Marjon says:

    Eva is very talented, it s amazing! I Love my art-wear poncho and when I wear it I get many compliments! The names of my kids are written on it so that feels extra special as one of kind. Hope Eva gets the fame of her beautiful work she derserves!

  5. Emma says:

    I love my beautiful, individual and versatile art-wear poncho. It’s a Christmas gift that I can enjoy wearing over a special dress or teaming up with my favourite jeans.

  6. Emma says:

    Last year I asked Eva if she could assist in creating a simple but beautiful ‘one-off’ dress for a very special little girl. What she produced was just perfect. I particularly liked the fact that Eva seemed to immediately grasp what I was looking for, even though initially I wasn’t totally sure myself! She had great ideas and, without ever losing sight of what I wanted, came up with various suggestions that she felt could capture the message. The end result was a wonderful girls dress with a totally unique and very meaningful design. The dress meant a lot to me – and even more so to the family of the girl. Thank you so much Eva x

  7. Ella & Berni says:

    We commissioned Eva to uniquely design a multifunctional wrap which has a modern but classic look. I have worn the wrap to a formal black-tie dinner over a black dinner dress and Ella has worn it with jeans. We love its versatility together with its striking design, and it certainly has been a wise investment, which I know we’ll enjoy for years to come.

  8. Rebecca says:

    Eva’s art-wear never fails to attract a positive comment when I wear my personalised poncho. The lime green paint stands out from other ponchos & makes me feel very stylish and elegant, not to forget slimming. Look forward to wearing other items of art- wear in the future.

  9. Deborah McDonnell says:

    After buying one of Eva’s paintings and loving it, i decided to have a sneak preview of her art wear and before i knew it i was getting an item commisioned especially for me and also a lovely little dress for my daughter, i am delighted with these pieces for both myself and my daughter, whenever i wear my piece of art wear, i get asked about it and am loving the uniqueness of it and the versatility!!! It is purely a work of art form this very talented and inspirational artist …. Thank you Eva

  10. Trish says:

    I have always found Eva’s art insightful in a sense that everyone who looks at it has their own interpretation. Her pieces are conversation starters as well as beautiful additions to my home. My daughter and I were also delighted to be able to commission a mother and daughter dress each – both with a similar look but each with our own little touch of individuality. We soooooo love our art and art-wear pieces by Eva.

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