Eva Meenhorst, originally from The Netherlands, has been passionate about art since her childhood. She has spent a significant amount of time enjoying and purchasing art as a result of her interest being fuelled through studying art at school. In 2013 she has reignited her creative passion in painting by experimenting with oils and brushes on oversized canvasses. Nowadays you’ll find her art in private collections worldwide. Future exhibitions, where Eva will show her latest work both locally or internationally will be promoted on social media. Eva has also launched a complimentary product in the form of wearable art. A series of simple yet glamorous style clothing that is commissioned and then personalized by her clients through a choice of colour, material and theme. Eva has travelled the world for one year with her family (2017), has worked as an international lawyer, and has run her own businesses in property, interior design, fashion, recruitment and IT outsourcing. She is fluent in five languages and is also mother of four.

For further information or to book a viewing please contact Eva (since 2018 living and working in Spain):

TEL: 0044 7896206918 or EMAIL: eva@meenhorst.nl

Find Eva on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too!