image Connected Forever, 2x 100x50cm (Istanbul)

Connected Forever’ paintinge are all about the connection between siblings (or family members) which will always exist. This connection, DNA, same upbringing or whatever you’d like to call it, will always be there, whatever happens later in life. In the paintings this is symbolised by the ball of wool which unravels through the painting. The pictures in the background symbolise the youth photographs in which siblings often appear together.  Eva will depict your child with his or her favourite toy or hobby.  If you’d like to commission Eva, you will dicuss your preferences regarding who and what besides sizes and colours. Prices vary between £250-£350.


image image

Connected Forever, 100×100 UK, a big brother who always looks after his little sister (princess).


image image

Two brothers who love football and reading are Connected Forever (100x100cm UK)



‘Connected Forever’ 100x100x4cm UK. A mum and her teenagers, who have a very strong bond together. 



‘Connected Forever’ 100x100x4cm (UK) A mum and her children who all love playing the piano.



‘Connected Forever’ 60x40x4cm (UK) Two sisters who used to fight over ‘Strawberry Shortcake’.



‘Connected Forever’120x100x4cm (UK) A dad and his two daughters who all love swimming, cricket and their dog.


image image 

Connected Forever, 100×100 cm (Zwitserland). The little brother loves diggers and the big one his Star Wars Lego.



Connected Forever, 100x100x4 cm (UK) Two brothers who love cycling and playing the ukelele.




Connected Forever 90x60x4cm, (Hong Kong) Two brothers who love judo and their teddie and the little sister who likes to dress up.


Connected Forever series 90x60x4 cm (New Zealand) The little boy loves astrology and his sister is a mini ‘rock chick’.

image image

Connected Forever 90 x 50 x 4 cm (UK) A brother and his sister who love their dog Maddie.



Connected Forever 2x 90 x 50 x 4 (UK) Three brothers and their sister each with their favourite toy or wearing their favourite outfit.



Connected Forever 100 x 100 x 4 (UK) A mum and her two little girls who both love horses.


image image

Connected Forever 2x 80x50x4 (Istanbul) Two brothers who love football (shin pads) and reading ‘Donald Ducks’


 image image

Commissioned Cushion covers in ‘Connected Forever’ Style now available from £30.







  1. Eva
    I own Gossip magazine and I love your work and would love to meet up and help you showcase what you do – pleae call me to discuss further

  2. Jolanda says:

    My Happy Morning After painting is a showpiece in my house. I wake up, seeing the fresh blue and hearing the subtle sound of sheets that move by a summer breeze makes me happy and want to start a new day. I hope to see a lot of work by Eva. Love Jolanda

  3. Iris says:

    Eva’s paintings make me so happy! My husband gave me the Connected Forever with the two boys (football and Donald Duck magazine) and Going out for my birthday. Colourful, playful and happiness are for me the words to desribe her way of painting. Like the way she was taking care of communication, packaging and shipping these pieces to our home.

  4. Nicola says:

    By chance I found out Eva was an artist and, out of curiosity, went to see her work. Listening to Eva describe what inspired her Forever My Babies collection actually moved me to tears, not something any piece of art has ever done before! I knew I had to have it and we’ve added to our collection with two Connected Forever paintings since. They have completely transformed our home and we have so many lovely comments about them. Already making room in our house for more…

  5. Rana says:

    For years and years I have been looking in galleries to find art that I’d like to hang in our home, never found anything, until I saw Evas pieces. I fell in love with a “Going Out” piece. When I saw the Connected Forever series I knew I had to have one too. We are very happy with Evas paintings in our home and always get asked about them; that’s real art!

  6. Sarah says:

    I commissioned Eva to paint the rainmakers and dreamz in purple. We had been through a very tough time and commissioning the artwork was a turning point in our journey. These two pieces resonated with me and have a calming effect in the craziness of life. They certainly create a “wow” effect in the room and everyone has commented on the skill and creativity that Eva brings to her work not to mention her insight into the beauty of life.

    Thanks Eva

  7. Annalice Sibley says:

    As children , my little sister Rebecca & I used
    to fight over Strawberry Shortcake, a popular
    doll at the time. There are a few themes painted
    throughout the commissioned piece but Miss Shortcake being the main
    one. What a special birthday surprise ‘connected forever’

  8. Lisa says:

    I was a guest at one of Eva’s preview events when I first laid eyes on ‘The Dandilion’. I loved the colours, the simplicity and brush work and by the end of the evening I knew I needed to have it on my own wall.
    I’m now the proud owner of this beautiful painting and I enjoy seeing it every day and love hearing the compliments from friends and family.

  9. Emma says:

    I commissioned a piece from Eva from the forever connected collection to depict our gorgeous children and the bond and love they all share….wow i was over the moon with Eva’s interpretation she captured it so well to be treasured forever thank you so much

  10. Berni Doab says:

    My husband commissioned Eva to produce an oil painting from her ‘Connected Forever’ range capturing me and my children and the things that connect us such as the piano,our late pet dog and gardening. The painting was a Christmas present for me from my husband. It is a wonderful and thoughtful gift, which will be treasured for years to come.

  11. Cath Brass says:

    Our Connected Forever oil painting is very much admired by 1 and all. Eva has captured the essence of my children and their relationship with each other. It is a timeless piece of Art and now very much part of our home and family life.

  12. Deborah McDonnell says:

    I went to see Eva’s work in an art gallery in the North East of England and was drawn to a piece “No time for worries”, however it had sold that evening 🙁 So I commissioned Eva to paint me another piece of art with the “no time for worries ” theme, I was over the moon with the new painting and I felt it was painted especially for me , very unique painting from a very talented unique artist 🙂

  13. Claire Taylor says:

    I met the lovely Eva through a very good friend of mine and was introduced to her artwork, I was blown away and instantly called my husband to say I was going to commission her to paint a picture for me, I loved the ‘Connected Forever’ range so much, so decided to ask Eva to paint my son and daughter along with our family dog Maddie. When I viewed my painting, I was truly overwhelmed!
    Eva, you are an amazing artist, my family and I are so happy with our piece, thank you so very much. Claire xxx

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